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Increase Your Conversions By As Much As 40% Turns Real-Time Leads Into Live Transfers

Do you want to be the first agent to follow up on your leads? We can help!

We connect you to your prospects as soon as you get them, enabling you to operate more productively and efficiently.

Dial Your Leads converts emailed leads to live transfers, which gives you the best opportunity to convert leads to sales, prospects into customers.

The Advantage of Using Live Transfers

  • Consumers get a good customer experience

Consumers expect fast service, especially on the Internet. With Dial Your Leads, you get connected to a prospect while they are still on the website.

  • Use of dialer technology gives a higher success rate

Based on our experience, agencies that employ automatic dialing in their operations are more successful in generating sales than agencies that do not use this kind of system.

Managing Your Leads

How We Do it:

  • We provide lead management services that integrates seamlessly with our live transfer system
  • Our lead management system provides you with notes and lead status, as well as recordings of the call and other information about the call

Advantages of Our Lead Management System:

  • Your leads are in an organized centralized location
  • Our web interface is simple and not complicated to use
  • Provides tools for tracking how well you are converting leads
  • Gives you access to tools for comparing various lead providers

Notable Features:

  • Integrates seamlessly with our live transfer service
  • Allows you to view leads according to activity date / time
  • Allows you to search leads to find email addresses, phone numbers and names
  • Allows you to organize leads according to source and status
  • Allows you to add notes to and set the status for leads
  • Allows you to view the call history for each lead
  • Allows you to download recordings of the calls in MP3 format

What We Give You:

  • A simple and easy way to manage your leads
  • A centralized repository for your leads and tools to compare various lead providers
  • Tools for tracking your conversion rates and return on investment (ROI) accurately
  • A flat-rate price that does not put a limit on the number of live transfers

For Your Information:

  • Many agents or agencies that purchase leads do not have a lead management system and use their email application to organize leads
  • A lead management system helps you process leads more efficiently and improves your ROI

Live Transfers

How It Works:

  • You get a call from Dial Your Leads when we receive a lead for you
  • Press “1” on your phone and you will be connected to a prospective customer

About Our Service:

  • We connect our clients to leads from any source

What’s In It For You:

  • Get ahead of your competitors by being the first to contact a lead.
  • Follow up with a prospective customer while they are still in insurance-shopping mode.
  • We work with your schedule. We transfer leads only when you are able to receive calls.
  • We give you flexible service. Turn your account on or off as needed.
  • We don’t give long-term contracts, just good and solid results.
  • We price our services better than our competitors.

Notable Features about our Live Transfer Service:

  • We make multiple attempts when transferring leads.
  • We automatically record calls and the recordings are easy to download
  • We enable our clients to make their own notes and set the status for their leads
  • We provide tools for viewing leads in detail.

For Your Information:

  • The first agent who contacts a prospect has higher chances of making a sale than the agents that call after
  • Most consumers want to get fast responses on the Internet and will not wait long before going to other websites to get the information they need
  • At least 24 hours passes before many real-time leads are followed up
  • Some real-time leads are not responded to at all