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Does Your Health Insurance Cover Your Outpatient Service Provider?

Before you are totally decided on a health insurance provider a good measure to take is to ensure that you have adequate outpatient service provider coverage. If you already have a health insurance coverage plan you should check with your current HMO, PPO, or health care provider to determine what level of service you do or do not have. 

Equally as important is finding a quality outpatient service provider in your area well before having a medical procedure done so that you know the care you are provided with will be top notch. You can always ask friends and family how their personal experiences with their outpatient service provider was and your doctor is also an excellent reference point. But before you claim an outpatient service provider as your own you should ask yourself and the facilities themselves the following questions: 

  • Do they accept your HOM, PPO, or current health care plan?
  • Is there more than one facility in your area that can service your needs?
  • Will your health insurance cover all expected costs?
  • Is the facility located at a reasonable distance from your home?
  • Will they communicate well with your doctor and let your doctor verify tests and test results that are conducted?
  • Is the outpatient facility accredited by a national medical board or other accredited agency?
  • What is the staff like, how experienced are they, and how long has the facility itself been in operation?
  • Will you be able to be fully treated at the facility or be forced to go elsewhere for follow up care?
  • How obliging is the facility when it comes to helping with financial assistance if needed?
  • Will they give you clear instructions before, during, and after any procedures?
  • How well equipped is the facility to be able to handle any special needs that you may have during and after a procedure?
  • Does your doctor approve of the facility?
  • What is the facility's reputation around the community?

Additionally, you should always visit the facility in person before you have any procedures done. This will give you the opportunity to see firsthand how clean the facility is and how friendly a knowledgeable the staff seems. You can also ascertain whether or not there are some of the little things that you might like to see in an outpatient service provider such as a waiting room for your family that is going to be comfortable for them. 

Only by asking questions, and lot of them, will you be able to determine if in fact you are going to get the best possible out patience service for your particular needs. While talking with friends, family, and your doctor are a great place to start, you should never take anybody's word for it and always plan a trip to the facilities in advance with a list of questions in hand.