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Shared Health Leads May Increase Your ROI..!


Winning the “Best Leads Quality” in America Award has not slowed our efforts to
continually improve the profit and revenue results achieved by our clients.

We have been experimenting with a Shared Health Insurance Lead offering for sometime
now and can report that on a few occasions; the return on investment has out-performed our
Exclusive Health Insurance Leads.

We are currently offering a 20% match on qualifying deposits, so this is a great time to
try our shared health insurance leads…and enjoy an even greater return on your marketing investment!!


Exclusive Insurance Leads At Discounted Prices


Parasol Leads is the leading supplier of high quality, organic leads produced in real time and sent directly to you as an exclusive lead. We do not share leads!

Our insurance lead types include:

  • Life Insurance Leads
  • Health Insurance Leads
  • Group Health Insurance Leads
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance Leads
  • Auto Insurance Leads and
  • Home Insurance Leads

Agents across the country are discovering what it finally means to work with a lead company that produces high quality leads, an increased return on investment and an honest approach to business.


Increase revenue for your insurance business - Free Consultation


Parasol Financial is making its mark on the insurance industry by providing high quality exclusive insurance leads to agents, helping them to increase return on investment and effectively grow their businesses.

With Parasol Financial, agents can stop wasting time attempting to track down prospects and instead focus on creating profitable connections with exclusive insurance leads they can trust.

The Parasol Financial team understands that your time is valuable, and it is one of our primary goals to help you access the qualified exclusive insurance leads you desire, freeing up your time to spend on other necessary tasks within your business.

What Makes Parasol Fianncial Different?

We have created an innovative organic insurance leads generation service, which allows us to provide fresh, 100% organic leads—never recycled. Once our clients experience for themselves the success available through these leads, they understand why we are known for being the best at what we do.

The insurance world is a competitive environment, and being able to access quality exclusive insurance leads is much more beneficial than an endless supply of mediocre leads. Quality is what gives your business that all-important competitive advantage, enabling you to connect with the best insurance leads first.

We take our insurance leads generation seriously and work hard to provide the leads our clients need as well as the top-notch customer service that exceeds their expectations. When you are ready to take your insurance business to the next level, you can step forward confidently with Parasol Financial.

We appreciate your time and look forward to developing a profitable relationship for your business.


Request Your Free No-Obligation Leads Generation Consultation:

By calling: (877) 812-5111 Ext. 102 or Click Here



ParasolLeads Announces Strategic Partnership with


AgentsofAmerica LogoParasolLeads has formed a strategic partnership with with the mutually-beneficial goal of providing high-quality insurance leads to the organization’s agent members.

ParasolLeads announces a newly formed strategic partnership with (AOA), an association dedicated to the personal and professional growth, stability and management of its insurance agent members.

A primary focus of AOA is to offer best-in-class services and continuing education courses to its agent members. Through this partnership, ParasolLeads will come along side AOA to provide its members with the best in lead generation services to help agents grow their businesses.

ParasolLeads is committed to making the task of finding profitable insurance leads less of a hassle for agents. By utilizing unique lead generation methods, the company can provide 100% organic leads that result in a high return on investment.

As AOA is the nation’s number one resource for connecting agents with other agents, industry professionals, relevant news and revenue building products and information, ParasolLead’s mission to provide the highest quality insurance leads matches up nicely with AOA’s objectives.

Placing a higher importance on insurance leads quality, instead of on the lowest-priced leads, ParasolLeads can meets its standard to offer top-notch leads, connecting insurance agents with prospects in the market for insurance for themselves or their familes.

ParasolLead’s A+ Accredited Business Rating with the Better Business Bureau points to the fact that the company is focused on a high quality product and great customer service, which will fall in line with AOA’s reputation for excellent service to its agents.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this new strategic partnership with,” said Tom Carolan, ParasolLeads Vice President of Business Development. “It’s a natural match for both parties because each of us strives to help insurance agents establish and develop profitable agencies. Joining forces will enable us to provide an even more effective service to AOA members.”

About Parasol Leads:

Insurance Leads PricesParasolLeads is the ethical, honorable leader in exclusive life insurance leads generation. The company helps agent clients to achieve significant ROI while creating the high client satisfaction that earned them an A+ Accredited Business Rating with the Better Business Bureau. For more information, contact ParasolLeads (877) 812-5111.



About AgentsofAmerica.ORG

AgentsofAmerica.ORG is an Insurance Agent's Association and indispensable resource for news, products, services, education, and industry information throughout America. The organization's mission is to deliver the BEST people, products, information, and services to agents all designed to help them manage and grow their business and provide ongoing value to their clients. Our motto is "Bringing the BEST Together". AgentsofAmerica.ORG is offering a FREE MEMBERSHIP  to anyone interested in learning about the valuable benefits the new organization offers. All members are eligible for additional discounts and access to an extensive array of other membership programs. Visit for more information

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association Raises Dependent Life Insurance


The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association has changed the age of dependents to 26 on all of their group life insurance plans.  This change will be in effect as of today, October 1, 2010.

Dependents can remain on their parents' group life insurance plans until the end of the month of their 26th birthday.  In addition, the dependent doesn't have to be a full time student to take advantage of this.

Nationwide, they will hold a special enrollment period from October 1, 2010 until November 1, 2010 for Blue Cross Blue Shield members who have dependent children who are over 20 years old and younger than 26 years old.

There are several states that have lengthened the dependent medical benefit coverage to over 26.  Therefore, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association will comply with these specific state mandates.  The dependent age limit for medical insurance coverage for these states is:

  • Florida: 30
  • Illinois: 30
  • Nebraska: 30
  • New Jersey: 31
  • New York: 29
  • Ohio: 28
  • Wisconsin: 27

Public Opinion on Healthcare Reform



According to a recent survey performed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, many Americans are puzzled by the newest provisions of healthcare reform and are not sure of when these provisions will be implemented.  Respondents were asked to pick among 4 different dates that the first healthcare reform provision would be implemented, and just 14% chose the correct answer of September 23, 2010.

In another poll conducted by the Associated Press, it was found that most consumers were confused about notable aspects of healthcare reform.  Not surprisingly, people's precise knowledge of the law made no change of their opposition to the law among people that identified themselves as Republican.  However, those respondents that identified themselves as Democrats or Independents were more acceptable of the healthcare bill as their understanding of it increased.

Just 3% of Each Dollar Spent on Health Insurance Premiums is Profit


PricewaterhouseCoopers resized

According to a recent PriceWaterhouseCoopers report for medical costs trends in 2009, about $0.87 of each medical insurance premium that people spend is used for covering medical services and care that its members receive such as hospital expenses, prescriptions, doctor visits and more.  Another $0.10 goes towards services insurers provide, such as billing and enrollment, provider credentialing and claims processing.  That leaves just 3 cents left for profits. 

Kaiser Health has reported that if you combine the 10 top medical insurers' annual profits, it is equal to only about 2 days' work of national healthcare expenditures, or only a half of a percent of the $2.5 trillion that Americans spent on healthcare in 2009.

California Account Managers Needed - Insurance Leads Sales


Insurance Agent Opportunity

Work from your home office, part time to supplement your income or full time. This is a substantial earning opportunity, which includes commission, bonuses and incentives. You will also earn insurance leads discounts based on production.

We are looking for highly motivated sales professionals to work in our fast-paced, inside sales department. Successful candidates will contact insurance agents, agencies, brokers and insurance carriers to arrange lead test campaigns for the purpose of gaining them as a new insurance leads client. You will also assist in the setup of new accounts and provide excellent customer service as you continue to maintain your accounts. More information

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