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We have insurance consumers who need an agent!


Each day we receive requests from consumers who are looking for an agent to help them with an insurance purchase...can you help?

We match inbound insurance consumers to insurance agents who are members of The Parasol Leads Network. We have created of over $100 million in commissions for our clients.

  • We received The LeadsCouncil's Award for Best "Quality" Leads Award 2014 

  • Have been rated A+ by The Better Business Bureau every year since 2007 for "Online Reliability"....This is their highest of 14 ratings

Please contact me directly if you would like more information about being matched to insurance consumers in your area.

Call me at (888) 778-0410 Extension 105
Or visit to request a no obligation consultation

Best regards,

Jeff Schwartz
Parasol Leads
(888) 778-0410 EXT. 105

Best Insurance Leads

Shared Health Leads May Increase Your ROI..!


Winning the “Best Leads Quality” in America Award has not slowed our efforts to
continually improve the profit and revenue results achieved by our clients.

We have been experimenting with a Shared Health Insurance Lead offering for sometime
now and can report that on a few occasions; the return on investment has out-performed our
Exclusive Health Insurance Leads.

We are currently offering a 20% match on qualifying deposits, so this is a great time to
try our shared health insurance leads…and enjoy an even greater return on your marketing investment!!

For more details give us a call at (888) 778-0410 Ext. 105 or visit Shared Health Leads Prices

Remember, if you wish you can have a shared campaign running at the same time as an exclusive campaign.

Best regards,

Parasol Leads

Best Health Leads


Exclusive Insurance Leads At Discounted Prices


Parasol Leads is the leading supplier of high quality, organic leads produced in real time and sent directly to you as an exclusive lead. We do not share leads!

Our insurance lead types include:

  • Life Insurance Leads
  • Health Insurance Leads
  • Group Health Insurance Leads
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance Leads
  • Auto Insurance Leads and
  • Home Insurance Leads

Agents across the country are discovering what it finally means to work with a lead company that produces high quality leads, an increased return on investment and an honest approach to business.

Let's Talk Turkey!

To introduce you to our highly productive exclusive insurance leads, we would like to offer you a "Thanksgiving Special Offer" on our exclusive leads plus FREE lead credits! Just open your account with a qualifying deposit and you'll enjoy 100% exclusive insurance leads at a special discounted price, a high rate of return (some of our clients are achieving conversion rates as high as 40%**) and free leads!

To learn more about this special offer, please call (888) 778-0410 Ext. 105 or click here.


Increase revenue for your insurance business - Free Consultation


Parasol Leads is making its mark on the insurance industry by providing high quality exclusive insurance leads to agents, helping them to increase return on investment and effectively grow their businesses.

With Parasol Leads, agents can stop wasting time attempting to track down prospects and instead focus on creating profitable connections with exclusive insurance leads they can trust.

The Parasol Leads team understands that your time is valuable, and it is one of our primary goals to help you access the qualified exclusive insurance leads you desire, freeing up your time to spend on other necessary tasks within your business.

What Makes Parasol Leads Different?

We have created an innovative organic insurance leads generation service, which allows us to provide fresh, 100% organic leads—never recycled. Once our clients experience for themselves the success available through these leads, they understand why we are known for being the best at what we do.

The insurance world is a competitive environment, and being able to access quality exclusive insurance leads is much more beneficial than an endless supply of mediocre leads. Quality is what gives your business that all-important competitive advantage, enabling you to connect with the best insurance leads first.

At Parasol Leads, we are proud of our A+ Accredited Business Rating with the Better Business Bureau, further proving that we are one of the few names in the insurance leads industry that can be trusted to have our agents’ best interests at heart.

We take our insurance leads generation seriously and work hard to provide the leads our clients need as well as the top-notch customer service that exceeds their expectations. When you are ready to take your insurance business to the next level, you can step forward confidently with Parasol Leads.

We appreciate your time and look forward to developing a profitable relationship for your business.


Request Your Free No-Obligation Leads Generation Consultation:

By calling: (888) 778-0410 Ext. 2 or Click Here


More About Parasol Leads:

Parasol Leads Reviews
Watch This Video 

Recipient of the Highest A+ Rating From The Better Business Bureau Every Year Since 2007


Group Health Leads are Available: Insurance Agents Needed!


Parasol Leads provides high quality group health leads. We do not have a ton of volume, but if you are interested contact Jeff Schwartz our sales manager at (888) 778 0410 Ext. 105.

Jeff will be able to do a search within our system to see what volume is available in your area. As I said, the volume is low, so we can only accept one agent per area.

If you do not know about Parasol Leads, here is some information:

Here is a video about us this also includes information about discounts and promotions for new clients.

Read what agents are saying about us:

Once again, for more details on the number of Group Health Insurance Leads available in your area contact:

Jeff Schwartz
at (888) 778 0410 Ext. 105

Auto Insurance Agents Needed


Auto insurance agentsEveryday Parasol Leads receives requests from consumers who are looking for an auto insurance agent to help them with getting auto insurance quotes and coverage.

Parasol Leads is offering you a special "Deep Discount Deal” on these auto insurance consumer leads plus FREE lead credits!

During this month of March Madness, just open your account with a qualifying deposit and you'll enjoy 100% exclusive automotive leads at a special discounted price, a high return on your investment (some of our agents are achieving up to 40% close rate) and free insurance leads!

More Information About Parasol Leads.

To learn more about our March Madness Deep Discount Deal please contact one of our Account Executives today by calling (888) 778-0410 Ext 2.

Or submit your contact information through this online form

Parasol Leads Reviews - Click and read what other agents are saying about us

Auto Insurance Leads

Exclusive Auto Insurance Leads March Madness!


Exclusive Auto Insurance LeadsAuto Insurance Leads Special Offer:

To introduce you to our highly productive exclusive auto insurance leads, Parasol Leads is offering you a special "March Madness" deal on our auto leads plus FREE lead credits! Just open your account with a qualifying deposit and you'll enjoy 100% exclusive automotive leads at a special discounted price and the a highest return on your investment (some of our agents are achieving up to 40% close rate) plus free insurance leads!


How to Contact Parasol Leads:

Call (888) 778-0410 Ext 2. Learn more about our Auto Insurance Leads March Madness deal, contact one of our Account Executives today!

Visit To submit your contact information through our online form.

Parasol Leads Reviews

ParasolLeads Now Offers Group Health Exclusive Leads!


Group Health Insurance LeadsIn addition to our existing offering of Life, Individual Health, Medicare, Auto and Home exclusive insurance leads, we now offer Group Health insurance leads! As with all of our leads, our new Group Health leads are real time, exclusive and guaranteed per our lead return policy. States with the greatest volume are AR, AZ, CA, FL, IL, KS, MD, MN, NJ, NY, TX.

If you are an existing Parasol Leads client, you may add Group Health leads to your existing account anytime by submitting your request through your “Contact Us” link in your Parasol Leads online account. 

If you are not yet a Parasol Leads client here’s a great time to try us! Contact one of our Account Executives today by calling (888) 778-0410 Ext 2. Or submit your contact information through this online form at:

Make sure you ask your Account Executive for our new client signup bonus that includes FREE lead credits for a qualifying deposit!

Insurance Sales Success - Here is the Silver Bullet


Insurance Sales SuccessTo be successful as an insurance agent you HAVE to know that you are a business! You have to put a very large value on your time and be very selective with the tasks that you perform and how you use your time...You have to spend your time very wisely.

The success of your agency depends on the percentage of your time that you spend talking to people who are in the market to buy an insurance product. The higher that percentage the more successful you will be....Not rocket science...right? But that is the primary difference that separates the nation’s top producing insurance agents from the pack.

...There is a solution that will enable you to operate with the efficiency enjoyed by the nation’s top producers. 

The link below will connect you to a page on LinkedIn where many agents reveal the amazing results they are having, including:

  • Conversion rates as high as 40%

  • Return on investment

  • Earnings. Record earnings...even during one of the slowest economic periods on record!

Click Here to read how many top producers are achieving great success!

Insurance Marketing Discussion With Jay Abraham


Jay Abraham on Insurance MarketingYesterday, I had the great pleasure of meeting Jay Abraham to generally discuss current and future direction of the insurance lead industry and how that relates to insurance professionals. Now if you don’t know Jay Abraham, you should!

Jay has spent the last 25 years solving problems and significantly increasing the bottom lines of over 10,000 clients in more than 400 industries worldwide. Jay has seen and dealt with every type of business you can imagine. And he’s studied and solved every kind of business question, problem, challenge and opportunity.

In our conversation, Jay expressed his desire to help all of you. He has graciously given us permission to share many of his resources to help you grow both personally and professionally.  Jay also is including highly sought after information to help you expand your knowledge of how to successfully market your business.  The best part is, as a subscriber to our blog you’ll gain direct access to this invaluable information no charge!

To begin, download this “hit you between the eyes” eBook entitled; “Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got:  21 ways to out-think, out-sell, out-advertise, out-maneuver, out-compete and out-earn your competition.”

In Jay’s own words:

“In the next 21 chapters I’m going to introduce you to the essential strategies you will need to take advantage of the opportunities and possibilities that you now face. The strategies you need to “maximize” your business and personal actions. These strategies can be successfully applied in an uncomplicated, straightforward manner or they can be taken to extremely high levels of sophistication.

And I’ll show you how to apply them to your business, your company, your own career and your life to produce more clients, more sales, more income, more profits, more loyalty, more distinction, more power and more success.”

Don’t delay…download this impactful ebook now!

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