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Buying Disability Insurance? What You Need to Know

While searching for the right disability insurance:

  • Know the policy's definition of "disability." Some policies have a very narrow definition of the term that may prevent your situation from qualifying for insurance.

  • Review the benefit period located in the terms and conditions so you will be covered as long as possible.

  • Choose the most monetary coverage possible so you can obtain as much income as available.

  • Consider a disability plan that includes injury from an illness (physical or mental). Not all disabilities result from accidents.

  • Find a policy that takes into account standard of living increases in benefits that are compensated.

  • Avoid all-or-nothing policies that do not allow you to work part-time. Some policies pay partial benefits if you are well enough to work part-time.

  • Consider a policy with transitional benefits that provide income as you transition back to your job and income.

  • Ensure that the policy cannot be canceled if you regularly pay your premiums.

  • Make sure the company you receive your disability insurance policy from is in a stable financial position. You can find plenty of independent rating services that provide statistics on the financial status of an insurance company. Or, you can visit your state's insurance commissioner's office for this information.

  • Know how long it will take to begin receiving disability insurance payments. Obviously, you will not want to wait weeks before you receive your first payment after you go on disability.

As you can see, searching for the right disability insurance policy does not have to be so difficult if you follow these points. With the right disability insurance plan, you will have the peace of mind that you will be covered if you are ever injured or if you become ill.

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